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Glow from Acupuncture: Vitality on the Inside + Beauty on the Outside


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Glow from Acupuncture: Vitality on the Inside + Beauty on the Outside

Peter Kadar

If your outside looks older than you feel on the inside, then this is the article for you. The first thing that people see when they meet you is your face. It's your introduction to the world, a reflection of your internal health, and the one thing that is judged immediately compared to any other part of your body. Many people go to great efforts, spend a lot of money, and often do not know about healthy, natural ways to nourish and enhance their skin and features. Some people choose fillers such as Botox and Restalyn to retain their youth, while others opt for the more extreme route like plastic surgery. They are paying lots of money for potentially harmful, toxic and surgical remedies and ignoring the connection between overall constitutional wellness and a natural, beautiful appearance.

Here at The Acupuncture Center of New Jersey, we specialize in Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation. I was trained by the acclaimed Mary Elizabeth Wakefield to learn how to successfully treat and remove obvious facial issues (lines, crow’s feet, jowls, sagging skin etc). Additionally I have been trained to use Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis to correlate each part of the face with a specific organ in the body. For example, those laugh lines that so many of us get around the mouth pertain to the health of the digestive tract. So if you are starting to droop in that area, I would choose acupuncture points to help strengthen and detox the intestines. BUT the best thing about my acupuncture facial treatments is that I incorporate other modalities into the mix. One that I will share with you is a little something called "Derma Rolling."

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Derma Rolling is a facial rejuvenation technique that I have chosen to incorporate into the acupuncture treatments because I wanted something to really penetrate those problem areas of the skin very intensely. It involves maneuvering a small titanium roller with hundreds of tiny needles on it, across the skin in a very specific way in order to rebuild collagen in those lines and grooves. How does it work? Well it tricks the body into thinking there is an injury in the area that the roller is working, and in turn it causes the body to increase blood circulation and collagen production to begin the healing process. It's very similar to how the facial acupuncture works, but in combination it really packs a punch and gives you the best results possible. It also leaves the skin with a nice rosy glow and a throbbing feeling as if your skin just got heavily exfoliated.  Your skin feels alive and healthy just after one session. I call this the “Acu-Glow” result! In order to achieve noticeable, consistent, sustained results the suggested treatment course is 8-12 sessions with routine maintenance.  A small price to pay for a healthier and more confident you!

If you're interested in achieving the Acu-Glow, you can call and speak to me about what Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation can do for you! I would love to help you achieve the best version of yourself, and to help you gain better insight on how to keep your inside and outside looking radiant and youthful.

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