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Jeff's Recovery from Diabetes • Acupuncture Healing Journey


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Jeff's Recovery from Diabetes • Acupuncture Healing Journey

Peter Kadar

We are so gratified to have patients like Jeff who come to us for acupuncture for a wide range of chronic health problems. Patients often turn to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine because they have become dissatisfied with conventional medicine and are looking for alternative medicine for a more holistic approach.


Jeff came to us with a complex condition including chronic diabetes, borderline obesity, neuropathy and pain in his legs and feet, and all-around fatigue and sluggishness. His blood sugar markers were dangerously high, as were cholesterol and triglycerides. He said that his doctors treated him as a disease, not as a whole person, and told him that only high doses of diabetes and heart medications could keep him alive. Jeff was very discouraged, yet he was relatively young with 3 children and knew he needed to make changes. He began to research how acupuncture could help with diabetes and neuropathy.


Jeff was kindly referred to us in Morristown by a co-worker and fortunately his insurance company covered acupuncture for the symptoms of leg pain and neuropathy. Neuropathy is a common and dangerous symptom of diabetes and its presence signaled that his diabetes had progressed. Jeff had already embarked on significant dietary changes, eliminating sugar, white flour and artificial ingredients. He had started exercising regularly and with our encouragement signed on with a trainer to help support him with a regimen of cardio-vascular exercise and weight training. However Jeff found that the most powerful medical intervention was acupuncture. He really appreciated the way we listened to his health history, his health concerns and his goals and the way we explained how acupuncture could help him. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the principle of acupuncture treatment is to treat the patient not the disease.

We diagnosed Jeff with a condition of toxicity in the blood stemming from Spleen and Kidney deficiency. Jeff’s diabetic syndrome was a result of this condition that had been caused by poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and stress. Acupuncture needles were gently inserted in strategic points on his body relating to the primary Spleen and Kidney acupuncture meridians, and secondary Liver and Stomach acupuncture meridians. Jeff enjoyed quick and positive results from acupuncture. His leg and foot neuropathy symptoms began to decrease gradually and he felt increased energy, digestion and most importantly a stronger feeling of optimism and well-being than he had for many years.


After 4 weeks of regular acupuncture treatments and his wellness regimen Jeff was able to slowly reduce his medications. He is now taking only one diabetes medication and is off his anti-cholesterol medications. Jeff has now become our poster child for the benefits of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He continues to come regularly for acupuncture treatments and intends to include acupuncture as part of his wellness care for life. 

If you, a family member or a friend are suffering from pain related to diabetes, neuropathy or related, please contact us for an initial consultation. 

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