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My Path to Pregnancy by Rachel Specht


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My Path to Pregnancy by Rachel Specht

Peter Kadar

As many of my patients know, I am a first-time mom pregnant with twins!  Girl and boy?   That I'm not sure of yet. But what I am sure of us is that from the moment I peed on that stick, my life was forever changed. Although I'm terrified of all the changes going on in my body, my husband and I are very much looking forward to the craziness that lies ahead. As a 34-year-old woman, the path to getting pregnant was a very "interesting" one for me that I'd like to share with all of my ACNJ patients and acquaintances.

I knew from the moment I met my husband that we were destined to be parents. Between the two of us, we could handle just about any level of chaos that came our way. As many of you know from a previous blog of mine, my husband battled a gut related seizure disorder for many years. One which caused an immense amount of stress and anxiety on my part, which in turn made me skip a bunch of periods and for many months to not ovulate at all. His issue has since been resolved with great results. but the aftershock on my body was not small by any means. After being married a year and watching my periods waiver in consistency and volume, I knew I needed to do something to balance my hormones if I ever wanted to get pregnant. So here's where my journey began.

I started out by doing daily morning meditations to center and calm my mind, as well as to detox my body of any unnecessary stress. I've always had a good diet, but I altered it to include a lot of good fats such as avocado, salmon, and flax/chia seeds, and I cut out a lot of dairy which had always been a staple of my diet. I stopped drinking alcohol and started taking two supplements which I felt made an enormous difference: Chaste Tree Extract and Royal Jelly. Both of these helped me to regulate hormonally and helped to achieve regular monthly ovulation. These are some of my most common patient recommendations I have given for my fertility patients here at The Acupuncture Center. I also went out and bought myself the Clear Blue Ovulation kit which helped me to see if and when I ovulated. Let me tell you, this kit was enormously helpful. I took the above-mentioned supplements for three months, stuck with my diet, and peed on those darn sticks A LOT. I also gave myself acupuncture every other day to help keep myself as calm and balanced as possible while going through this process.

Trying to get pregnant is extremely stressful, especially when there's an underlying issue you're trying to resolve. But lo and behold, at the fourth-month mark I took a pregnancy test because I had an inkling that I might be pregnant. Mother’s intuition? I don't know. And I WAS!! And a month later I found out they were fraternal twins! And ever since that moment, it's been a complete rollercoaster of emotion and morning sickness, happiness and fear. But I'm so excited that I made the changes I did, and I'm at a place that I may not have been able to achieve if not for the knowledge on health that I possessed. If anyone out there is having trouble conceiving, or just looking for an alternative perspective on getting pregnant, I'd be happy to speak with any of you! Females are designed to get pregnant and make babies. We are all finely tuned machines, and with a few tweaks, it's amazing how quickly we respond and the results our bodies can achieve.

Post by:

Rachel DeMattio Specht, L. Ac., M.S.T.O.M.

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