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A Student’s Journey into Acupuncture


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A Student’s Journey into Acupuncture

Peter Kadar

My only son, Lucas Kadar, has grown up with acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, holistic health and living as a foundation his entire life. He's worked for several years in main our Morristown acupuncture office and has seen first-hand how acupuncture has helped so many people get well and live a balanced life.

After several years teaching and performing music all over the U.S. Lucas realized that his professional calling is to become an acupuncturist and healer; and to work with his father and the other associates at ACNJ! As a practitioner I am deeply excited to share this profession with him, as his father I am humbled by this transition towards wellness and healing.

Lucas is already currently completing his first year of training at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, NY. He is active at ACNJ as an assistant / intern, and we're excited that he will write new blog posts about his experiences in learning and profound inspirations. We look forward to hearing from him regularly, and he’ll introduce himself to you when he’s at our office. 

Follow his adventures on Instagram @Lucas_AK

Post by a proud father Dr. Peter Kadar L.Ac. D.O.M.