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Patient Healing Journey Overcoming Asthma to Become a Triathlete


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Patient Healing Journey Overcoming Asthma to Become a Triathlete

Peter Kadar

When Joanne started acupuncture her asthma and allergy symptoms were so severe that she needed to curtail her exercise and was taking large doses of steroids and inhalers. Joanne had been athletic her entire life but at age 45 she found she was experiencing breathing problems and allergy reactions. I have found that women entering peri-menopause often experience new health disorders due to hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalances in females in their 40s, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, may cause an excess of Yang or heat and dryness and a deficiency of Yin or cool fluids which can create symptoms of inflammation and irritation in the respiratory system. 

Joanne had a history of mild allergies and childhood asthma so her respiratory tract and sinuses were her weak areas. She had to stop running and swimming and was relying heavily on steroids and decongestants and had gained weight due to these medications and inactivity. No surprise she also was feeling fatigued, irritable and depressed when she started acupuncture. There are a number of ways to treat allergies and asthma with acupuncture. The diagnosis and treatment plan always depends on the constitutional presentation of the patient. After careful evaluation of Joanne’s symptoms, history and her unique pulse and tongue diagnosis I came to the diagnosis of dry heat in the Lungs and Yin and blood deficiency. A course of acupuncture treatments focusing on tonifying the Yin or female energy and nourishing the Lungs and fluids quickly turned Joanne around. She is now competing in mini triathlons and I’m very happy to provide maintenance treatments when she experiences some breathing problems during high allergy season. She’s also very grateful when I give her acupuncture to help her with the minor strains and pains she gets from her vigorous training. 

Founding Practitioner - Peter Kadar

Founding Practitioner - Peter Kadar

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Peter Kadar, L.Ac. DOM

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