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Patient Healing Journey • From Asthma to Triathlons


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Patient Healing Journey • From Asthma to Triathlons

Peter Kadar

Ellie is a 52 year old woman who recently began a transformation to high level fitness and training. Her goal was to overcome lifelong, chronic asthma, allergies and sinus problems and be well enough to compete in mini triathlons. She had never been athletic and thought of herself as unable to compete due to her breathing problems so it was a remarkable breakthrough for her to take on this commitment.

For many years Ellie had been on steroid inhalers, antibiotics, decongestants, allergy drugs and other asthma and respiratory medications. She was overweight and fatigued and felt she needed to eliminate or greatly reduce her medications in order to feel well. She wanted to incorporate acupuncture in her treatment plan after doing rigorous research. She was also willing to change her diet and begin a training regimen.

Images and names have been changed for privacy

Images and names have been changed for privacy


We helped her with a series of regular acupuncture treatments focusing on strengthening her lungs and immune system, clearing toxins from her liver and blood, and dispelling mucus from her sinuses and respiratory tract. Ellie began to respond fairly quickly and within a few weeks of treatment was able to reduce her medications by 80%. She went on a dairy-free and gluten-free diet and was able to run and bike outside for the first time in years because her allergies were no longer bothering her. She occasionally needed to use an emergency inhaler when the pollen count and humidity were high but for the most part Ellie was free from asthma and allergy symptoms while getting regular acupuncture treatments.

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Ellie quickly increased her stamina as she trained for the triathlon. She was swimming, running and biking several times weekly preparing for her first triathlon in the spring. At this point, she was receiving weekly acupuncture treatments and had replaced most of her medications with nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs including pinellia root, magnolia and chrysanthemum flower. These herbs help disperse phlegm, reduce heat and provide natural allergy relief. Ellie was elated that she finished the triathlon in the middle of the pack and well ahead of many people in her age group. She has completed 3 triathlons since then and has used acupuncture consistently to help her with breathing and stamina and also receives acupuncture treatment for knee strain, shin splints, and hip pain. Ellie is a true success story of how a middle-aged person can achieve wellness and personal satisfaction through acupuncture and natural medicine. 

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