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Wellness insights from Acupuncture Center of NJ, providing holistic complementary mind-body-heart-healing since 1986, in Morristown, NJ!

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Key to High-Level Wellness: 5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Peter Kadar

At ACNJ, we counsel patients in the important ways they can reduce inflammation and promote natural, healthy function. These healthy and easy to achieve guidelines will enhance your regular acupuncture treatments and greatly improve the way you feel and your ability to resist disease and lead a longer, healthier life. Read more...

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A Natural Foods Journey from Illness to Wellness

Peter Kadar

The root cause of my husband’s issues stemmed from an extremely permeable gut that had allowed horrible toxins to leech into his bloodstream and brain. It took a solid year for him to be healed full of moments of doubts and struggle, but at the end of that year I saw a visible shift in my husband.

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Improve Your Egg Quality and Promote Fertility

Peter Kadar

Chinese medicine projects many factors affect that egg quality. It takes approximately 3-6 months for an egg to be produced, so I use acupuncture and herbs for several months and I emphasize patience and stress reduction strategies while preparing the woman to produce a healthy strong egg.

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