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Vertigo to Feeling Grounded and Secure • Barbara’s Acupuncture Healing Journey

Peter Kadar

As an acupuncture practitioner for many years, I have treated many patients with vertigo and other balance disorders.  Vertigo is a common problem for many patients, particularly affecting the elderly. Symptoms of vertigo are including, spinning sensation, lightheadedness, unsteadiness, nausea and loss of balance. 

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Why Women are More Sensitive to Cold Office Climates

Peter Kadar

Many of my female patients complain of being uncomfortably cold in their workplaces while their male colleagues feel OK. According to this article it may be due to the fact that office climate controls were set by men for men at a time when males dominated the workplace, both in numbers and in supervisory roles. Now females make up a much greater portion of the white collar work force and are feeling the effects of these old thermostat settings.

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