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Health and Wellness Counseling, Acupuncture Points New Jersey

Health and Wellness Coaching is for everyone seeking effective ways to be healthier and happier and live a more inspiring life.

Lisa Brick

Co-Founder • Coach • CPC, ELI-MP, L.Ac.



Co-Founding Acupuncturist, Professional Life + Divorce Coach, Power & Purpose Coaching

Lisa approaches health and wellness with warmth, intelligence, curiosity, and an uncanny ability to focus on core issues with candor and generosity.  Whether navigating a medical condition, divorce, desire to be healthier, or to “make more of life”, her clients discover and implement creative, enlivening approaches to their circumstances.  They suffer less and enjoy life more.  Lisa values and appreciates her association with the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey. 

Her career as an acupuncturist began after graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) in Watertown Massachusetts in 1980 where she studied with Dr. James Tin Yau So.  She practiced acupuncture at Harvard Street Acupuncture Associates in Cambridge and Comprehensive Medical Services with Dr. Jim Doyle in Newton Center.

After marrying Peter Kadar, the couple moved to New Jersey in 1983.  Lisa has been instrumental in creating and sustaining the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey (ACNJ) with Peter since its inception in 1987. In 1993 her focus turned towards public education.  She began organizing what would eventually become Unity Charter School in Morristown, NJ. One of the first schools to be chartered in New Jersey, Unity opened its doors in 1998.  In 2000, once the school was established, Lisa stepped out to care for her aging parents, her teen children, and to manage day to day business operations at ACNJ.

By 2008, the genetic condition Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) was playing havoc with Lisa’s health.  After multiple medical procedures and surgeries, and the ongoing immune suppressant therapy associated with transplantation, she choose to find a new, less geographically dependent approach to supporting individuals in their health and wellness.  She enrolled at IPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, graduating in early 2010 as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).  Upon graduating, she created Power and Purpose Coaching, her health, wellness, and life coaching business.  In 2012, she joined forces with Karen McMahon as a Divorce Coach with Journey Beyond Divorce, where she facilitates support groups locally and in Manhattan, blogs, and coaches individuals to navigate and grow through the difficult transition of divorce with dignity and strength.

Health and Wellness Coaching (HWC) is a supportive interactive relationship where you are heard and empowered to relax into the health issue that you are struggling with and begin to consciously navigate your way through it and beyond.

Wellness coaching is offered to patients who will benefit from the support of a trained coach who will help them create strategies to reach measurable, attainable goals and free them from pain, fatigue, illness and other complaints. Wellness coaching combines the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of being so patients can discover new possibilities for health and vitality. Proper exercise, rest and relaxation are also vital to your well-being. We work with you on choosing the appropriate activities with emphasis on breathing, stretching, and meditation, as well as conventional cardiovascular and strengthening exercises.

Scientific studies have consistently proven that an enduring stress response severely inhibits the immune and repair capabilities in every cell in the body and disrupts our ability to think creatively. In the coaching process you release stressful thoughts, feelings, and actions relating to circumstances with thoughts, feelings, and actions that affirm your power and freedom of choice.

Once you begin to relax, your immune system plays a more powerful role in repairing your cells to their optimum level of functioning, your brain works more effectively, and your energetic ability to take creative action improves immensely. It is a perfect complement to acupuncture and a process you will learn to take with you for the rest of your life.

Integrating the changes that support an increased level of health and wellness can feel overwhelming, which is why we offer free programs on “Being Well” and health and wellness coaching with our partner, Power & Purpose Coaching.  Health and wellness coaching supports you in making and keeping your change process simple, clear, and achievable and you increasingly stress free! We offer our patients one free complementary coaching session to support you on your journey to wellness and extended coaching for a fee.  We invite you to take advantage of your complementary coaching session once you are a patient with us.

By combining all aspects of your life in a comprehensive health enhancement program, we feel you have the best opportunity for a life of vitality and satisfaction.

Why Coach?

Health and Wellness Coaching is for everyone seeking effective ways to be healthier and happier and live a more inspiring life, whether you are well and desire fine tuning, struggling to cope with illness and pain, or somewhere in between.

For those suffering from illness and pain, everything is impacted; how you perform, relationships, finances,  your ability to engage in favorite activities, how others think of you, and most importantly, what you think of yourself. Coaching is a process that allows you to stop suffering, whether or not there is a way to stop your condition. When the suffering stops the body is able to perform optimally, with all the parts that are fully functioning. This in turn maximizes your body’s ability for further healing. The gnawing fear that the best part of your life is over gives way to seeing a future worth living into and stepping forward positively.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching shifts how you think, feel, and perform. How you think determines what you see, how you feel, and whether or not you take action. When it comes to health, while how you feel may well be a limiting factor in your life, how you think about how you feel has an enormous impact on your ability to take action, heal, and/or adapt gracefully and creatively. By thinking about yourself, others, and circumstances from additional perspectives than your current one, doors open to expanding health, happiness, confidence, capabilities, and comfort. Power & Purpose Coaching coaches you to, through, beyond those doors, one specific and intentional action at a time.

How Do HWC and Acupuncture Work Together?

Health and Wellness Coaching stimulates the Relaxation Response in your body that allows the power houses within each of your cells, the mitochondria, to work to their maximum capacity. This results in more energy for optimal functioning in each cell, tissue, and organ. It is a perfect complement to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine which manipulate your flow of energy (chi) through the meridians, releasing chi from areas where it is stuck and in excess to areas where it is deficient. Herbal therapy can stimulate the production of chi in the body or modulate its characteristics. Through coaching your internal capabilities for generating energy, being well, and envisioning and creating life as you’d like it to be become more fully available.

What Are the Other Outcomes of Coaching?

  • Peace
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased clarity, focus, and sense of purpose
  • Recognition and appreciation of yourself and others as well as life’s opportunities
  • An experience of increased freedom.
  • The ability to be increasingly present, balanced, and grounded in your life and the lives of others
  • The ability to communicate more effectively
  • The ability to maintain a wellness enhancing life balance.
  • Development and implementation of a conscious and focused wellness lifestyle specifically tailored to your specifications.
  • The ability to excel at coaching yourself!

What’s the Process?

The process begins with a complementary session where we engage in a frank and open discovery process to determine the transformation you want in your life and if we are a good fit. Assuming we are, we develop a strategy and a coaching schedule based upon your availability and the depth of your objectives. Initial regularity of sessions increases the speed at which you experience results.

In the first month of coaching you will be introduced to tools through which you will create and adopt new habits of mind, begin to make more empowering choices regarding your actions, and develop your capacity to navigate through illness and pain towards greater wellness and ease. Within a matter of months you will refocus and reconstruct your life and be experiencing an increase in comfort and joy. Within a half year, while you may or may not continue to have the physical condition that you began with, the impact it will have on you will have faded considerably and you will be living in the present with an enthusiasm propelling you towards a future that you feel positive about.

Coaching sessions occur via phone/Skype or in person (when geographically possible).

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