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Nutritional Counseling: Pathway to Natural Vitality

A healthy diet and a sound nutritional program is a vital part of overall health and also a direct approach to treating many disorders. We assess your dietary habits, cravings, and lifestyle in order to make sensible nutritional recommendations. When appropriate we may refer you to nutritional counselors who are experts in their field.

Dietary therapy and nutritional counseling are an important adjunct to your treatment plan. Close attention is given to your dietary habits, cravings, and food allergies and intolerances and recommendations given to ensure that your diet is specifically correct for you. When appropriate, Bio-Terrain Analysis (BTA) of patients’ urine, saliva, blood and other natural indicators are tested to provide a detailed analysis of nutritional status with targeted dietary and supplement recommendations to optimize digestion and absorption.

How BioTerrain Body Chemistry Analysis works
to create an ideal nutritional profile for you!

Many of our patients feel confused with the vast array of nutritional advice, diets, supplement choices and tests that are currently available. They are looking for help with clear instructions on what to eat and what nutrients are really necessary for their individual constitutions and health concerns. The good news is we can help you!

We utilize an objective, naturopathic testing procedure called BioTerrain Body Chemistry Analysis that helps us offer specific nutritional instructions based on observable clinical evidence. These are simple, in-office tests that analyze your urine, saliva and blood type. These tests provide us with clear and concise information regarding your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and create the optimal “terrain” or constitution for optimal health. These tests measure and help us naturally and holistically address the following important digestive functions:


  • Adrenal function supporting your adrenals leads to increased energy, relaxation and ability to deal with stress, improved immune function, decrease in inflammation
  • Thyroid function promotes balanced hormone status, helps weight loss, improves energy
  • Intestinal absorption promotes healthy intestinal organisms, reduces digestive disorders, supports optimal absorption of nutrients
  • Calcium absorption strengthens bones and joints, promotes healthy sugar metabolism, strengthens immune system
  • Acid / alkaline balance promotes optimal absorption of nutrients, reduces inflammation
  • Zinc absorption strengthens immune system, reproductive function, healthy skin and hair
  • Oxidation status strengthens immune system, reduces inflammation
  • Blood type testing – determines optimal dietary plan

Chronic deficiencies and imbalances of these functions will negatively affect your digestion, energy, immune system, reproductive function and other health concerns. These tests are much less expensive than comparable blood, saliva and hair panels and are done in-office with a rapid turn-around time and are very valuable adjuncts to acupuncture to support your health and to optimize nutrition and food choices.

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