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Theodore Treantafelles

Theordore (Ted)Treantafelles

    L. Ac., .D.A.C.M.




  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • LGBTQI health 

  •  Qi Gong

  • Tuina Massage

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine


Dr. Theodore (Ted) Treantafelles has a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a B.S. in Biology from UCLA. He is committed to providing gentle, compassionate care that makes patients feel heard, understood, supported, and accepted.

His journey began in his love of learning about the human body focusing on ecology, behavior, and evolution at college. He realized that there were two facets of biology that he loved, but neither alone stirred his passion. He loved studying nature and he loved medicine’s ability to heal, but the ideology and practice of western medicine was not a match.

Years later, a friend introduced him to kung fu. He loved the class, which eventually expanded to include Qi Gong and first aid acupressure. The instructor mentioned there would be more opportunities for its use in healing than kung fu in our daily lives. He was right, and soon after Dr. Treantafelles had already used it to help more than a couple family members.

With that, he finally had found his passion and work where he could be of benefit to society. This work would come to integrate strong points in his life such as his critical eye, his kindness, his empathy, and his love of medicine.

The field, despite its long history, is still young and there is be much yet to discover. Dr. Treantafelles goal is to broaden and strengthen his skills and knowledge each day. He relishes any opportunity to add something to this great legacy and to bring his patients ever closer to healthy, peaceful living.

Ted's Mission statement:

To provide high quality integrated care using Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities such as acupuncture, moxabustion, and chinese herbal medicine backed by impeccable training and the best research available to guide patients to their health goals.


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