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Acupuncture Allergies, Acupuncture Headaches

Acupuncture for Safe, Natural, Effective Relief of Allergies

It feels GREAT to able to breathe freely without medications!
My head feels 10 pounds lighter and I can taste and smell again!

We know what it’s like to suffer from allergies. Here in New Jersey, where high pollen counts are common and exposure to chemical irritants is an everyday experience, we have many patients come to us for relief of their allergy symptoms. We’re glad that acupuncture can help these patients and it can be very effective for strengthening and balancing the immune system so that allergies can be overcome. 

Wheezing, coughing, itchy eyes and running nose, sinus headaches, and shortness of breath are all common symptoms that can be alleviated with acupuncture. Skin problems, indigestion, chronic colds and infections are all common complaints associated with allergies. Millions of people suffer from seasonal or chronic allergies to a wide variety of everyday substances. Often the only relief is allergy shots or over the counter or prescription allergy medications that can weaken the immune system, cause drowsiness and other problems and never heal the cause of the problem.

We treat many patients who come looking for a natural therapy to debilitating allergies. Acupuncture is very helpful in strengthening and balancing the immune system, the digestive tract and the respiratory system. Acupuncture stimulates your own natural anti-inflammatory response, reduces phlegm congestion and restores the Zheng Qi or Upright Qi, and the Wei Qi or Protective Qi to its optimal levels so your immune system becomes compatible with your environment.

We'll be happy to discuss how acupuncture can help with your allergies! Call our office at (973) 984-2800 to scheduled an appointment, or contact us by email.

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