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Helen Chen and the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey were highly recommended to me by both my chiropractor and pain management specialist. After years of crippling back and leg pain, a discectomy and partial laminectomy, several series of epidurals both before and after surgery, courses upon courses of steroids, high doses of nerve medications, and endless chiropractic care and physical therapy, I was at wit’s end. The pain was beyond intolerable and anxiety really began to take hold: would I be able to work, have any semblance of a real life? Questions I don’t believe anyone should ever have to ask themselves, let alone someone in her early 30s and otherwise healthy. I was terrified, in agony, not sleeping, sick to my stomach. Until the day I had an amazing conversation with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile who, at 45, had had a stroke that left him barely able to walk and with his face partially paralyzed. He told me that within just months of starting acupuncture he had jogged a 10K. And to look at him that day I couldn’t see a thing off about his face. I decided then and there to call Helen.

Next to my surgery, it was the single greatest decision I have ever made for myself. Acupuncture has truly given me my life back. Yes I have flare-ups, but I am living again, and more than I had dreamed possible. I don’t hurt! The future has opened up and fear has receded along with the pain. I can’t remember the last time I felt this well physically, or indeed emotionally. I have not called my chiropractor nor sought pain management since my first appointment. Helen is quite literally magic. She’s also extremely patient and deeply kind. She cares. She has listened to me, gotten excited with me, and calmed me down when I needed to be soothed. She has taught me, inspiring, guiding, and encouraging my enthusiastic amateur study of traditional Chinese medicine. There aren’t a lot of people like her. She’s very special. And everyone in her office is absolutely lovely and caring too!

The Acupuncture Center of New Jersey is a special place: wonderful people, doing amazing and truly life-restoring work, in a very comfortable setting. Its an old house with all the charms of such. I loved it the moment I set foot inside - it felt safe and warm - plants, light, soothing colors, an embracement of nature and wallpapers that reminded me of my great-aunt’s house in the best way. I thought it was wonderful but this spring it has gotten a tremendous, large-scale makeover and I must say, it is gorgeous! Very modern touches, summer ocean colors, textures drawn from nature, new bathrooms, floors, and furniture. It’s like a spa only better! I don’t know how they’ve all managed to work through so much construction, but it is well worth all they must have had to deal with: the place looks - and more importantly, still feels - amazing.
— Jennifer R., | Morristown, NJ
After 30 years…relief through acupuncture!

Since childhood, I have suffered from chronic migraine headaches and tried countless treatments and medications. I am thrilled to report that after 30 years of anguish, I have finally found relief through acupuncture!

Peter Kadar and his staff provide a peaceful, professional and safe environment conducive to healing body, mind and spirit. I never imagined acupuncture could have such a positive impact on my life, but it truly has and for that I am grateful.
— T.W., age 39 | Montville, NJ

Living Life Again!

For the past two years I have experienced significant pain to the point where even simple walking was painful. I have arthritis in my left hip and osteoarthritis as well as stenosis of the spine. I had tried a variety of different remedies (orthopedist, chiropractor, cortisone shots), all to no avail. After several acupuncture sessions at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey I am happy to say that I can again perform normal daily functions with no pain and with no medication. I have even been able to resume my physical workout routine at the YMCA.
— R.W. age 64 | Randolph, N.J.

My first choice for relief from pain!

After seeking all kinds of treatments (chiropractic, physical therapy, an injection in the nerve, anti-inflammatory and pain medications) to relieve pain in my back, hip and leg from the sciatic nerve and yet still in pain, I asked my orthopedic doctor about Acupuncture. He said, “go for it” and even wrote a prescription. Acupuncture was the answer and gave me the relief I had been seeking.

I was greeted at this Center by kind and caring staff. Helen Chen treated me with kindness and compassion, always being sure I was comfortable. The treatments were always relaxing and enjoyable. (Yes, hard to believe but true, even with needles stuck in me!)

I recently returned for treatments for pain from a pinched nerve in my neck. After only the first three treatments Helen so expertly gave me, I already experienced relief and more range of motion in my arms and neck. Acupuncture at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey is now my first choice for relief from pain!
— E.B. | Chester, NJ

Within a short time my ankle pain was completely gone…

I originally came to the Acupuncture Center with ankle pain that had not responded to Western medical treatments. Acupuncture was suggested by a friend who had experienced wonderful results for a different condition. Within a short time my pain was completely gone and I was able to resume walking and hiking. I have remained pain free for several years. Everyone at the Center is welcoming and helpful. I look forward to my regular treatments with Rene.
— L.C. | Mendham, NJ

I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants to take control of their life and maintain good health.

I am the director of Compassionate Heart Holistic Program as well as a Spiritual Director and a Swami and Guru in Kriya Yoga. Dr. Peter Kadar is my teacher, my “physician,” my Guru and my friend. He and his outstanding staff have helped me through times of pain, sorrow and despair. Acupuncture saved my life, so did Dr. Peter. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants to take control of their life and maintain good health.

Dr. Peter spends thorough time working with each patient. He listens to what is going on with the body, mind and spirit of each patient he has.

At my first acupuncture treatment, I must admit I was a bit scared of the needles at first, and wondered if my friend was “cracking up!!” “Please try acupuncture,” insisted my friend, “give it a try.” Upon my first visit, I began to respond to the acupuncture treatment that Dr. Kadar performed on me. I felt safe and cared for. I knew I’d found the right treatment for me.
— D.T. | Chatham, NJ

I feel myself relax the minute I walk into the Acupuncture Center!

Three years ago I began having seizures. A friend and co-worker recommended acupuncture with Peter Kadar at the Acupuncture Center of NJ. I felt very confused, scared, and anxious about the seizures I was having, and I was feeling frustrated about being on medication three times a day. When I first met Peter, I think I was crying most of our first session! He was so calming, soothing, and sincere. I began receiving treatments with him three times a week.

At the time, if I missed a dose of my medication, I would have a small seizure. Once I began seeing Peter, if I missed a dose of medication, I did NOT have any seizures. I have not had a seizure since I started seeing Peter. Although I may always have to be on medication due to the nature of my condition and state law, I know my treatments with Peter have helped balance my Central Nervous System.

In addition to treating the seizures, Peter has helped to greatly reduce my problems with allergies and sinus issues, as well as help move my digestion along when I am feeling disdended or constipated. I no longer take any sinus or allergy medicine, which I had gotten used to most of my life, and on the visits where he treats my digestion, I feel everything relax and move along within 24 hours!

I always look forward to my acupuncture visits with Peter! Even if I am feeling stressed or sad, he always listens and always has a way to uplift my spirit and soothe my soul. I feel myself relax the minute I walk into the Acupuncture Center! Everyone there is so friendly, and comforting, and I always feel loved! I continue to see Peter once a month for maintenance, or more often if a new problem arises. Although I am partial to Peter, if my life ever takes me out of NJ, I always plan to utilize acupuncture as a regular healing modality in my life. It is not painful, as some people fear, and it has proven beneficial in my life in so many ways!
— A.N. | Haskell, NJ

I had met a real healer with a sympathetic ear.

The first time I hobbled in to see Peter at ACNJ in March of 2001, I was in constant pain, suffering from RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), a nerve disorder in both knees as a result of a minor meniscus surgery some 10 months before. The pain management specialist I had seen in NY recommended acupuncture and massive doses of Neurontin, a drug that did little to reduce the symptoms. I was getting around with the aid of a cane and two leg braces. I had never tried acupuncture but was in so much discomfort that small needles were not a deterrent.

In the beginning of the treatments, every time I got up from the table, I realized that there was less knee pain than I had when I arrived. As I walked to the front desk, it felt a cloud had lifted and magically, I had gotten relief from the endless throbbing in my knees. I continued to see Peter three times weekly. He was always compassionate and helpful when I would tell him about my condition. In addition to the acupuncture, Peter recommended heat and oil treatments seated yoga and swimming. I had met a real healer with a sympathetic ear.

When Peter recommended that I take a leave of absence from my job and subsequently apply for disability retirement, he and his staff wrote letters and helped me to move from one part of my life to another. Today, I am considerably better, but still show up for my monthly tune up where I receive loving care and leave fully satisfied. I feel myself relax the minute I walk into the Acupuncture Center!
— K.M. | Ringwood, NJ

Never had such positive results from any other treatments or remedies.

I started coming to the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey in the fall of 2005 for chronic headaches and allergies.

Since then, I’ve been treated for a variety of other ailments: thyroid disease (which may have been thyroiditis), painful scar tissue, chronic pain on my shoulder from my job, and, most recently, he has begun treating me for a few food allergies.

I have never had such positive results from any other treatments or remedies, especially for the headaches which have all but stopped. My thyroiditisis is gone and I am not on any medications at all with the exception of the occasional ibuprofen.

I owe much of my improvement to acupuncture directly, but also credit the staff for being so upbeat and helpful.

Thank you for a very positive introduction to acupuncture. I plan to continue using it for maintenance and preventive care.
— N. V. | Professional musician and music teacher

She gave me my life back.

About 27 years a go I hurt my lower back working in the yard. Since then I have been in pain and trying all sorts of remedies: massage, exercise, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc. As the years went by the pain got worse and worse. I was missing time from work. I couldn’t hold my granddaughter.

I had heard of acupuncture, but in my mind I pictured my back being poked with coarse needles. Then one day I saw my daughter being treated and I realized it wasn’t what I had thought. I found an acupuncturist near my house. I was so scared to go that I missed the turn twice!

But I followed with all the appointments thereafter. And today I am pain free. She gave me my life back. Thank you ACNJ, very much.
— N.B. | Morristown, NJ

Grateful for such a caring, compassionate and gifted physician.

Peter Kadar has been my acupuncturist for over ten years. Within that time period he has successfully treated a wide array of ailments from stomach distress to tennis elbow. I am so grateful to have found such a caring, compassionate and gifted physician as Peter.
— M.W. | Basking Ridge, NJ

Health and wellness coaching was able to bring me to yet another level of feeling good.

My life collapsed in 1986 when I was diagnosed with CFS. I was forced to give up an exciting and lucrative job in Manhattan. At first I could do nothing but sleep. I struggled to get through my days as a mom. While I improved slowly I continued to be debilitated by the condition. Acupuncture at ACNJ was a great help.

Health and wellness coaching was able to bring me to yet another level of feeling good. Since I began coaching I am feeling better emotionally and physically than I have since I was first hit. I actually feel GOOD, more confident, relaxed, healthier, and overall BETTER! The best is that I feel FREE, finally grounded in me. I am up and out! After years of watching my wonderful spouse leave the house to pursue his activities with abundant energy, now he’s asking when I’ll be home!

Coaching gave me something to move forward with. I walked away from each call with actionable steps. I am amazed how much I accomplished in so little time. This was a true true investment in myself. I had no idea how much coaching with Lisa could transform a physical condition for the better. This is the best money I ever spent!
— C.L. | Kendall Park, NJ

I respectfully recommend Helen Chen as someone who offers a level of healing…second to none.

This testimonial is written to inform and provide gratitude and direction to those who have been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. When I had the onset of Bell’s Palsy, I was seeking information from anyone I could. I was directed to ACNJ from someone who battled Belles, and specifically touted Ms. Helen Chen. The recommendation was timed with their respective recovery and that ‘earlier the better’ for treatment was the statements. I called ACNJ and Helen was extremely empathetic, and displayed a well balanced knowledge of Bell’s Palsy and treatment plans.

I set up an appointment and started treatments. Within a very short time, coinciding with treatments, my BP started to reverse significantly. I can attest to the fact that Helen Chen and staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, congenial and available to answer questions and provide direction for their patients.
— S.A.

After a few sessions of treatment the swelling and pain was all gone and I could walk again.

My name is Fred. I am a 56 year-old male and a Gout sufferer. I came to visit Dr. Peter Kadar about 6 years ago for treatment for the first time. I remember the day that I came to the office. I had the worst gout flare up of my life time. My right foot was all swollen and black/blue. The foot look more like football that was kicked hard and thrown around after a long hard game then a human foot. I could not walk or bear any weight on my foot. Dr. Kadar helped me that day with his acupuncture expertise and asked me to visit him for 3 additional visits during that week. In addition, he also did a Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis and put me on “cooling Chinese Herbs.” After a few sessions of treatment the swelling and pain was all gone and I could walk again. I continued visiting Dr. Kadar for regular and preventative treatments ever since. I am taking his recommended herbs and as a result of these herbs and treatments I have not had a gout flare up like the one I had. I am very grateful for Dr. Kadar’s expertise and his treatment of my condition. His office staff are very courteous and professional. I recommend Dr. Kadar, his associates and staff at the NJ Acupuncture center without hesitation!
— F.V. | NJ

*Results may vary from patient to patient