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Gut Reactions ... What to do for stomach pains?


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Gut Reactions ... What to do for stomach pains?

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What’s your gut reaction? By Rachel DeMattio, L.Ac., M.T.O.M.  - Acupuncturist and Herbalist woman stomach painsYour stomach hurts, there's pain and bloating in your abdomen after you eat anything with gluten, you feel foggy headed and you're lacking energy.  Focusing at work has become a chore because of the haze that's clouding your mind. You're anxious, depressed and sleepless. Your doctor has run every test that he knows of and the results keep coming back negative. "You're fine. There's a mild gluten sensitivity but nothing severe. Most of this is in your head. Minimize your gluten. Oh and maybe take a vacation. You seem a little stressed". You feel hopeless, confused and want answers. Well maybe now, after reading this article, you can find the answers you've been looking for.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are excellent therapies for many kinds of intestinal and digestive disorders. Focusing on the main organs of digestion and elimination, the Spleen, Stomach and Intestines, is a major specialty that we provide at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey. The issue of gluten sensitivity is a relatively new one and I have concentrated a large part of my acupuncture and herbal practice on helping patients with these problems.

DID YOU KNOW that the wheat we eat today in America is not the same wheat we ate 30 years ago. Therefore, the way our bodies respond to it is different now. Why do you think it is that when an American visits Europe who is diagnosed as gluten intolerant, he is more tolerant of gluten foods? In the U.S. food engineers at large agri-businesses hybridize wheat. It's not technically genetically modified but is altered into a different grain by either deleting or adding genes to it. The government says it's not GMO'd but it sure sounds like it to me!! This process has created mutant strains of gluten that may cause massive inflammation in our guts (stomach and intestines). This is one of the main reasons we have so much gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in America.

gluten symptoms

These mutant strains are creating holes in our intestinal tract. Lots and lots of holes. Our intestines are severely harmed by irritation and inflammation and can cause weakness in the immune system so bacteria and parasites can proliferate and cause further damage. Therefore many of the issues I mentioned initially in this article (inability to focus, stomach pains, bloating, anxiety, fatigue, depression etc) are occurring.  Because that barrier that separates the inside of your intestines and stomach from the bloodstream is no longer intact. So toxins will float right out of your intestines, into your bloodstream, and potentially into your brain!! This is why gluten sensitivity doesn't simply manifest in the gut! It can show up in the form of emotional and neurological symptoms as well. Many people who react to gluten react in the brain and NOT the gut, meaning they produce no intestinal or digestive symptoms.

gluten sad toast

So where do you go from here? Most medical doctors have no answers as to how to reduce inflammation and rebuild your broken gut. At The Acupuncture Center of New Jersey I can work with you to help the healing process begin with acupuncture, dietary changes, and multitude of homemade formulas I have used on myself and my patients. It won't be an overnight fix, but it will be worth it in the end. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything. So let's get you back on track today!

Rachael DeMattio

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Post by Rachel DeMattio, L.Ac., M.T.O.M