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Healing Connections: The Heart of Acupuncture


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Healing Connections: The Heart of Acupuncture

Peter Kadar


The more years into acupuncture practice, the more I realize the value of human connection plays in the process of healing. When patients come to us, there is an exchange of energy more than an exchange of clinical knowledge or information.  Though on the surface, it appears that the patient is on the receiving end while the practitioner is on the giving end, the reality is far from that. At the moment of giving is receiving and at the moment of receiving is giving.  We, the practitioner and the patient, are brought together at the appointed time.  Then we are each other’s messengers.  Our words, actions, and our whole being is the conduit for the message that is intended for the receiver at the meeting.  It’s up to each of us, whether we can tune in to the blessings mixed in the overt message delivered to us. Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.17.12 PM A patient gave me a very inspiring message the other day.  SS goes to visits her 90 yr old mom every few days.  After a whole life time being mom and daughter there really isn’t much left unsaid.  The ritual my patient keeps with her mom is to take a very long time to brush and curl her hair while sitting her in front of the mirror.  She says it’s one thing her mom really enjoys and looks forward to every time she goes to visit.  There, in a simple act of gentle kindness, lies the very best medicine for the soul.  I was almost in tears picturing her patiently curing her mom’s hair as if there isn’t a thing in the world that one needs to fret about.  I gave her a good hug as my way of saying thank you after she finished her treatment with me.

Another patient has recently passed away.  At her funeral she delivered her ultimate healing message to all the attendees. I’m sure we all have relatives that just won’t listen to our well-intended health advice, or use the acupuncture or yoga session gift certificates we bought for them to relieve their stress or health problems.  Well, this former patient of mine had just those kinds of friends and relatives who never took seriously her healing suggestions which she embodied over the last few years when wrestling with cancer.  As her final wish, she asked her yoga teacher to preside the funeral.  The yoga teachers led the whole audience in a mini session of what my former patient had being practicing and benefiting from.  At the end of the funeral, we were all glowing with laughter and gratitude when the yoga teacher jokingly said: “Being dead is how DeeDee finally got you all to experience what she had tried to talk you into but failed while being alive. ”

So you see, practicing and giving / receiving acupuncture is a very rewarding experience for all. In the quiet time of treatment, in the weekly sessions that go on to resolve health problems, something more is being nurtured — the genuine human connection born out of the common goal of healing.

Helen Chen

Post by: Helen Chen, M.T.O.M., L.Ac.

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