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Nurturing a Positive Attitude in 2016


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Nurturing a Positive Attitude in 2016

Peter Kadar

2016 is my year
2016 is my year

A New Year means new resolutions. We all attempt to achieve those resolutions. However, these resolutions are not always fulfilled. So I suggest starting the year by creating positive attitudes which will aid us in fulfilling our resolutions.

 A positive attitude leads to a happier self. This is one concept that is difficult to achieve. I personally always look for a positive aspect in all situations that I face. I know from many years’ experience that my patients here at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey face the same challenges. That I have a few practical suggestions that I share with them so they can apply them to their daily life to support them in attaining their healthy resolutions. These practices are in alignment with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  1. Look at what you have and appreciate that which supports you and which you enjoy. Do not dwell on what you want or don’t have. By focusing on what you have, your mind develops a sense of gratitude, satisfaction and happiness. This is an example of healthy Earth energy.
  2. Start your day with positive thoughts. This will enhance your day with more positive thoughts throughout. This is healthy Metal energy.
  3. Do not speak negative words. By speaking with optimism, the mind remains peaceful resulting in a positive outlook. This is well-balanced Fire energy

By at least attempting to practice these positive suggestions we are able to promote happiness within ourselves and it spreads to others. Eventually, our mind will be trained to look at situations differently by finding that the positives outweigh the negatives in some way or another.
woman winter cold
woman winter cold

As an acupuncturist I often treat patients with the following pattern: negativity leads to manifestations such as insomnia, anger, depression, and anxiety. The liver gets constrained which leads to irritation and anger; the heart will then disturb the Shen or spirit and creates scattered thoughts, anxiety, or depression. Acupuncture can help open up the Qi and aid in overcoming these manifestations from negativity. So I encourage you practice thee simple suggestions and eventually it will support you to attain your New Year resolutions and to lead a very happy and positive life.


Post by: Punita Jhangiani, L. Ac., M.S.T.O.M.

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