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Awareness Insights + Health Tips from ACNJ


Wellness insights from Acupuncture Center of NJ, providing holistic complementary mind-body-heart-healing since 1986, in Morristown, NJ!

Awareness Insights + Health Tips from ACNJ

Peter Kadar

Lisa Brick is our in-house health and wellness coach, at ACNJ. Below are some introspective questions that we can ask ourselves to help expose

Begin to observe your internal conversations and thoughts...


How do you speak to yourself?


or with

Loving Kindness?


Begin to question your thoughts by asking...

Is this thought accurate?

How can you be sure?

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Wellness Tips: Back Pain

by Dr. Peter Kadar L. Ac.

For flare-ups of chronic back pain, apply ice for 10 minutes on your lower back. Then immediately apply a heating pad for 10 minutes to the same area.  By alternating cold and hot this will first reduce inflammation and then promote increased blood flow and circulation. Try it today and let us know how it worked for your back pain.

Try 10 minutes of icing one area

Try 10 minutes of icing one area

Then 10 minutes of heat on the same area

Then 10 minutes of heat on the same area

Tips for Nutritious Meals

We often recommend that my patients eat more stews and cooked grains and beans as the weather cools down. Here’s a very useful tip; use a pressure cooker to get the most nutrients from soups, stews, grains and beans. It’s quick, safe and the best way to prepare nutritious meals – especially in fall and winter. Below is a basic video on how to cook grains in a pressure cooker. There are so many recipes for virtually every ingredient, meal and cuisine that can be made in a pressure cooker. Watch this video to learn more:

Wellness Tip: Best way to alkalize?

Try apple cider vinegar or lemon water, most of my patients have too much acid. This is a result of acidifying foods in our diet such as fats, carbs and sugars as well as everyday stressors and lack of rest and relaxation, in our fast-paced world. A simple way to alkalize is to drink 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”) in a glass of room temperature water once daily. If you really don’t like the taste of vinegar, try squeezing a lemon (real lemon – not concentrate from a bottle) into a mug of hot water first thing in the morning and before dinner. These healthy drinks will help your digestion and immune system and enable you to get the most out of the nutrients in the food you eat.

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