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"The Emperor of All Maladies" + Acupuncture


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"The Emperor of All Maladies" + Acupuncture

Peter Kadar

Over the years I’ve treated many patients who have received a diagnosis of cancer and have turned to natural, holistic healing methods. Most have done so in conjunction with conventional medical treatment: drugs, radiation, surgery, etc. Some have chosen to utilize acupuncture with natural foods diet or fasting, nutraceutical or natural supplement protocols, homeopathy, herbal therapies and other methods. I’ve witnessed how acupuncture and alternative health practices have evolved from being on the “fringe” or outright dangerous quackery to being part of accepted and welcome integrative medical care. Most cancer centers and oncologists now routinely advocate the use of acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga and whole-foods nutrition and our acupuncture center in New Jersey regularly gets referrals from oncologists to help their patients.

cancer treatments by acupuncture

Most patients come to me for help with several common side effects and symptomatic responses to chemotherapy, radiation and other harsh medical treatments. Neuropathy, nausea, hot flashes, fatigue and swelling are the most common disorders that we treat at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey in Morristown. Acupuncture is very effective for treating these disorders because of the powerful effect it has on the natural stimulation and movement of our body’s natural healing energy or Qi. Patients who suffer with cancer have already experienced a severe breakdown in their internal and external protective Qi and damage to their organs and blood where the cancer cells will grow and spread. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can remove or stop cancer’s growth and we all know it will damage healthy tissue and cause other problems. These can be overcome with appropriate rejuvenative therapies like acupuncture. Most important is a new view that cancer patients often take on as they recover: an attitude of responsibility, gratitude, openness and possibility. When I form a healing partnership with a patient recovering from cancer treatment, we fully engage on a pathway of healing and wellness that makes acupuncture and other therapies more powerful.

Cancer cells mutated

Cancer cells mutated

Cancer in the internal organs

Cancer in the internal organs

At times I get patients who wish to avoid conventional medical treatment altogether and choose alternative therapies in the belief that by bolstering and balancing their immune, hormonal and digestive systems they will deny cancer the internal habitat to grow. Often they enthusiastically engage other therapies along with acupuncture and in essence become their own doctor and I’m their expert associate. These patients require me to use acupuncture and herbal medicine in a more intensively healing practice, using more frequent treatments, stronger needle stimulation and more powerful herbs and mushrooms.

Most patients now can survive most cancer diagnoses for five years or more. Many patients do not. I’ve had the joy and gratification to help many survive and live well and the sadness and regret to witness the loss of others who succumbed to cancer. Both have afforded me the honor and privilege to help them with a disease that has been called “The Emperor of All Maladies”.


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