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Green Your Interior Spaces with Plants


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Green Your Interior Spaces with Plants

Peter Kadar

At ACNJ we enjoy featuring our patients and none are more loyal and dedicated to us than one of our longest, Jane Brick. She runs Jane Brick Interior Plantscape and Maintenance supporting local businesses in NJ for over 30 years. Next time you are at ACNJ, notice our plants! Enjoy

Could your home or office office have SICK BUILDING SYNDROME (SBS)?  If you or others in your environment suffer headaches, nausea, rashes, eye irritations or dizziness it just might be the problem. 

The air in some buildings can be  a hundred times as polluted as the air outside,  especially in buildings that are airtight. Energy efficient  buildings and homes contain carpeting, furniture, electronic equipment, and cleaning compounds that off gas. Many of the gasses they give off are toxic, polluting the air in your environment, air that you breathe.   

Dracaena Lemon Lime

Dracaena Lemon Lime

We have proven that LIVE PLANTS have the capacity to remove harmful toxins.  Plants purify the air making them part of what NASA calls “nature’s life support system.

Plants absorb particulates at the same time they take in the carbon dioxide which they convert into oxygen. The microorganisms in the potting soil in which the plant roots live are responsible for the cleaning effect. There are even studies indicating that Indoor plants help individuals perform better by reducing mental fatigue! 

Well maintained interior plants increase humidity levels in dry heated homes and offices, beautify, as well as clean your air.   

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Choose a variety of plants to beautify, humidify, and clean the air in your home and office. An Interior Plant Specialist or the horticulturist at your local commercial greenhouse can guide you to choose plants that are appropriate for the level of light in each room and tell you how to care for them. If you prefer,  you can protect your investment by hiring an Interior Plant Specialist to come to you to care for your plants. 

Air quality specialists recommend one 3’ to 4’ plant every 100 square feet. A variety of smaller plants works just as well. 

Get healthier, and add beauty in your life by greening your interiors. 

Jane Brick - ACNJ patient and plant lover

Jane Brick - ACNJ patient and plant lover

Jane Brick has been incorporating, designing and maintaining interior plantscapes for residential and commercial clients for over 30 years.

She brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience.

Contact her at:   

973-325-3656 • YELP •