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The 6 Healing Sounds of Qi Gong with Dr. Ted (Video)


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The 6 Healing Sounds of Qi Gong with Dr. Ted (Video)

Peter Kadar

The 6 Healing Sounds of Qi Gong

with Dr. Ted Treantafelles L.Ac. D.O.M.C.

Qi Gong is Chinese for life energy cultivation!

Practiced as a set of movements as poses, releasing negative energy, focusing on the positive energy, healing sounds, and colors of the five elements. Dr. Ted Treantafelles L.Ac. D.A.C.M performs the 6 healing sounds in this video!


Color: Black
Organs: Lung and large intestines
Sound: Ssssss
Negative emotions: Grief and depression
Positive emotions: Courage
Body area: Rear sides under your ribs


Color:  Blue for water
Organ: Kidney + urinary bladder
Sound: Chwaaay
Negative emotions: Fear
Positive emotions: Gentleness
Body area: lower front abdomen sides



Color: Green for earth and leaves
Organ: Liver and gall bladder
Sound: Shhhh
Negative emotions: Stress, anger, irritability
Positive emotions: Kindness
Body area: lower abdomen



Color: Red for fire
Organ: Heart and small intestines

Sound: Haaaaaw
Negative emotions: Anxiety and hatred
Positive emotions: Love and warmth
Body area: Left chest over heart



Color: Yellow
Organ: Spleen and stomach
Sound: Hoooo
Negative emotions: Worry and overthinking
Positive emotions: Openness and hope
Body area: Over your belly button stomach



Color:  Orange, lymphatic system
Organ: Triple warmer

Sound: Heeeee
Negative emotions: None (disconnection, isolation)
Positive emotions: Universal connection
Body area: Lymphatic drainage system


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Enjoy and please share how these sounds are assisting your healing!