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Dr. Oz and The Today Show Drug-Free Pain Relief Acupuncture & Yoga


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Dr. Oz and The Today Show Drug-Free Pain Relief Acupuncture & Yoga

Peter Kadar

Recommending pain relief without drugs:
Tips to treat body aches with acupuncture

Dr. Oz and The Today Show recently featured different alternative treatments for dealing with pain in the body. He covered Virtual Reality, Acupuncture and Yoga benefits as different ways to address body pain.

“For those who don’t want to rely on medication to cope with body aches, Dr. Mehmet Oz is here to help. The “Dr. Oz Show” host stops by TODAY to share how acupuncture, yoga and even virtual reality can serve as alternative ways to ease pain.”

To watch just the acupuncture segment fast forward to the 2:18-4:15 on this video below.

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