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If you’re a woman you need to read this…

Peter Kadar

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To some I looked like the picture of health. But truth is, my minimal food intake was creating a HUGE problem for my body. One of the biggest challenges I faced was food. What to eat, how much to eat, and understanding why it's important to make the right choices each and every day. One day I woke up and noticed my periods were getting lighter, until eventually they stopped all together. There was no severe hormonal issue, no pregnancy, and no thyroid issue, what it came down to was my lack of food intake...mainly healthy carbohydrates. I was malnourished and my body had essentially shut down the part that would allow me to get pregnant. Our bodies are so smart! If you can't nourish your own body well, then there's no way it will allow you to nourish another life. So what needed to change? • EAT MORE CARBOHYDRATES. Eating ketogenic (under 30-50g carbohydrates a day) is not supportive enough for our lady hormones. We need up to 150g per day! Yes your favorite celebrity might be doing the paleo diet and looks slim and healthy, but guaranteed she has hormonal issues too. • EAT MORE CALORIES. 2000-2200 is ideal for most women. You have to stop the calorie counting! Eat a balanced diet and forget about the exact number. Here's a simple breakfast you can eat that will give you all the energy protein sugars carbs and fats you need to start your day. I love it and it really does keep you energized!

-7 raw almonds -7 raw cashews -7 raw walnuts -7 raw pecans -1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds -2 figs or dates. Combine in a baggie, add a piece of fruit to go with the mix, (apples are best) and you are set!

• STOP OVER EXERCISING. Sure your pants may be nice and loose and you may be sporting some rock hard abs from your 2 hour a day workouts, but if you're in your child bearing years, your exercise routine should be more about moderation and less about chiseling those muscles. A brisk walk with some light weight training is ideal.

All rights reserved by SaylaMarz
All rights reserved by SaylaMarz

• CUT DOWN ON THE MENTAL STRESS. And do something to help de stress yourself. One of the best things you can do is acupuncture. Doing this once a week will help your body remain in balance. If your body is stressed it WILL NOT allow you to reproduce! This is a crucial aspect that needs to be addressed.

By doing these changes, I brought my cycle back into working order, and I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. I've seen so many young girls who are going through IVF because of these issues I mentioned. Don't let this be you! Be healthy. Be active. Be comfortable in your own skin. Have some chocolate. And stop comparing yourself to everyone else out there. Find ways to not only feed your body but to feed your soul.

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