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Infertility in Men

Peter Kadar


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 How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine supports Male Fertility

Female and male.. Egg and Sperm. Yin and Yang

These are the essential balancing polarities that create conception, pregnancy and childbirth. The science of reproduction is well known. Here at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey in Morristown we treat many women who are referred to us by numerous infertility clinics in our area. Many of these women have been unsuccessful in their attempts to conveive with IVF or IUI so they turn to acupuncture for fertility support. We all know it takes two to conceive. The focus on female infertility is therefore of limited value because up to 40% of infertility actually has to do with the male. Most often I see the female initially and perform an intake and exam on a female patient to determine if acupuncture and Chinese herbs will strengthen and support her fertility. This is treating the Yin or female aspect. Then I ask important questions regarding her male partner’s fertility status. This is to determine the Yang or male energy.

male-infertility1It just takes one in 10 million!

Modern fertility medicine describes male or Yang energy this way: Male Sperm There are three parts to the sperm: the head, tail, and body. Each part is crucial for conception. When analyzing sperm 3 factors are considered:

1. Sperm motility: This measures the percentage of sperm moving in a forward direction. It is considered normal when at least 40% of the sperm are moving in this way. Sperm are also given a grade to show the quality of movement. Grade 1: Immobile Grade 2: Non-progressive and not moving forward Grade 3: Moving slowly in a curved path Grade 4: Swimming strongly in a straight line.

2. Sperm volume: This measures the amount of sperm. The more the better, however, approximately 20 million sperm is an optimal sperm count.

3. Sperm morphology: This measures the size and shape of the sperm. It is quite common to have a high number of abnormal sperm. A normal morphology range is 15% or higher in normal sperm.

yin yang symbol 2 by hisks

Causes for male fertility factors include structural blockages, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance, and lifestyle. This is described in acupuncture terms as weak energy or qi and deficiency in the organs (Kidney, Liver) responsible for creating Yang and Jing, the essence of male sperm. Through questioning, pulse and tongue diagnosis and other means, I can help find the imbalance or blockage that is causing the male infertility issues.

I love helping couples conceive, whether via natural means, or in conjunction with IVF or IUI. I often counsel women to understand that the cause of their infertility is not necessarily their sole responsibility. his helps ease tremendous stress and anxiety that can hinder conception and pregnancy. I treat many male partners with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to support their fertility. I administer acupuncture and herbs to men in conjunction with treating the female in order to treat the underlying factors which may be affecting the sperm production and strength. It takes 100 days for new sperm to be generated. During the course of this time, acupuncture and herbs may be administered to treat the underlying factors which will lead to a healthier sperm status and naturally help support fertility.

Helen ChenPost by Punita Jhangiani, L.Ac., FABORM, Email Punita

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