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Jason’s Path from Anxiety + Depression to Wellness + Balance 


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Jason’s Path from Anxiety + Depression to Wellness + Balance 

Peter Kadar

July Patient Healing Journey: Jason

Acupuncture is an excellent alternative therapy for people suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood disorders and physical symptoms related to these psychological conditions. In my 35 years of practice I have become alarmed by the increasing number of patients who present with these problems and symptoms such as insomnia, palpitations, headache and muscle tightness, irritable bowel syndrome and other physical manifestations. 

Our patient, Jason is just one example of a young man who was experiencing a lot of stress from a difficult and demanding work environment and a marriage that was coming apart. Jason is in his late thirties and has had a history of anxiety and depression related to a stressful childhood and dysfunctional family dynamics. He’s a hardworking, diligent guy who holds his emotions in as a way of avoiding confrontation and as a useful strategy to functioning effectively. Unfortunately, the stresses in his life have led to a series of panic attacks, heart palpitations leading to arrhythmia, insomnia and depression. 

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Jason has tried various medications including Paxil, Welbutrin and Toprol to address the symptoms of anxiety, depression and palpitations. He wasn’t feeling better and felt that the medications made him drowsy and spacey. I had treated Jason for lower back pain and sciatica in the past and he responded well sohe wanted to try acupuncture for stress and anxiety. 

After talking to Jason at length and conducting a thorough exam from the perspective of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it became evident that his Liver and Heart qi had become “constrained”and was not circulating in a healthy way. This caused anger, frustration, sadness and despair. Fear and avoidance, coupled with work pressures and lack of sleep, were severely taxing his Kidneys and adrenals causing fatigue and weak mental function. I treated Jason with acupuncture to strengthen his Kidneys and promote the free flow of qi in his Heart and Liver meridians and gave him a gentle nourishing formula of Chinese herbs.  I advised him to make sure he got more sleep and recommended he undergo divorce coaching in order to remain clear and purposeful while going through the travails of divorce. 

Jason responded quickly to his acupuncture treatments. The palpitations, headaches and muscle tightness improved and were mostly gone after a few sessions. His digestion improved, especially by following my recommendation to eliminate fast foods that he had come to rely on, and he started sleeping better. Divorce coaching helped him to navigate the legal and emotional challenges of separation, divorce, child custody and finances that are a painful part of most marriage break-ups. Jason credits acupuncture as a “life saver” for him in his greatest time of need.

Founding practitioner, Dr. Peter Kadar

Founding practitioner,
Dr. Peter Kadar


Post by Dr. Peter Kadar, L.Ac DOM

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