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Find Your Path: Taoism + Chinese Medicine


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Find Your Path: Taoism + Chinese Medicine

Jared Brick

I thought I share with you why I chose the name “Find Your Path” as the title for my this post. I chose it as a reference to the philosophy of Taoism. Those familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine will already know that this philosophy was a strong influence on the roots of the medicine. 

Taoism is a Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao-tzu ( fl. 6th century BC), advocating humility and religious piety.
chinese temple

One of the ways that Taoism is interpreted is in following the path of where your life and your actions are meant to take you. It’s possible to do anything in this life, but when we stray from the path life becomes more difficult. This concept can also be seen in many other philosophies and religions referred to as destiny, kismet, or divine will.

Another description of Taoism is in taking non-purposeful action. These are all the things we do without thinking or decision. It is in these actions and these moments that we are truly honoring who we are at our core. In a way, Chinese medicine follows the same philosophy. We work to remove the impediments to the body’s normal functioning. By removing these impediments, the body is free to be what it is meant to be… healthy. 

Are you ready to be healthy?


Post by: 

Ted Treantafelles, L. Ac., D.A.C.M.


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