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Wellness insights from Acupuncture Center of NJ, providing holistic complementary mind-body-heart-healing since 1986, in Morristown, NJ!

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Key to High-Level Wellness: 5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Peter Kadar

At ACNJ, we counsel patients in the important ways they can reduce inflammation and promote natural, healthy function. These healthy and easy to achieve guidelines will enhance your regular acupuncture treatments and greatly improve the way you feel and your ability to resist disease and lead a longer, healthier life. Read more...

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What's Qi Gong?

Peter Kadar

Chinese and Western medicines can seem very different, but they do have one thing in common. The idea that prevention is the best medicine. Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are several pillars or overarching modes of treatment. All of which can be used as an active intervention in acute or chronic disease or preventatively to avoid disease entirely.

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Find Your Path: Taoism + Chinese Medicine

Jared Brick

One of the ways that Taoism is interpreted is in following the path of where your life and your actions are meant to take you. It’s possible to do anything in this life, but when we stray from the path life becomes more difficult. This concept can also be seen in many other philosophies and religions referred to as destiny, kismet, or divine will.

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