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Wellness insights from Acupuncture Center of NJ, providing holistic complementary mind-body-heart-healing since 1986, in Morristown, NJ!

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Ask an Acupuncturist - How Much Alcohol Can I Drink?

Peter Kadar

When we discuss diet and life choices with our acupuncture patients we are often asked about alcohol consumption. Is it okay to have a few drinks? How much and how often? How does alcohol impact our acupuncture meridians, our Qi (chee) and our overall balanc

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Healthy Bean Salads Perfect for Summer

Jared Brick

As acupuncturists, we often check in with our patients to help them make healthy food choices. Eating according to the seasons is an important adjunct therapy to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here are our ideas for tasty, nutritious and healthy summer eating. 

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Vegetarian French Onion Miso Soup - Recipe

Peter Kadar

Celebrate the holidays with this vegetarian french onion soup with miso paste. "Here's my recipe for a lovely warming soup we will be making for our small Thanksgiving dinner for 26 people from ages 3 to 96!" ~ Dr. Peter Kadar + Lisa Brick. Celebrate gratitude!

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A Natural Foods Journey from Illness to Wellness

Peter Kadar

The root cause of my husband’s issues stemmed from an extremely permeable gut that had allowed horrible toxins to leech into his bloodstream and brain. It took a solid year for him to be healed full of moments of doubts and struggle, but at the end of that year I saw a visible shift in my husband.

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