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Spring Detox: Simple, Safe + Effective Ways to Greater Health + Vitality

Jared Brick

Many of our acupuncture patients ask us for recommendations on dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and weight loss and detoxification programs. There’s so much information on the internet and media that it bewilders many people, including sometimes ourselves as we read through new medical literature and research that we encounter daily.  Read more...

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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cold and Flu

Peter Kadar

Between December and March there are waves of infection passed between family members and co-workers. We all know the common symptoms – alternating fever and chills, sinus congestion, coughing, headaches and sore throats, body aches and fatigue. We encourage our acupuncture patients to come in for acupuncture treatment and for safe, effective and natural Chinese herbal formulas that can significantly reduce the period of suffering and eliminate the need for harsher drugs like antibiotics and decongestants.

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The Joys and Health Benefits of Gardening

Peter Kadar

As the weather gets warm I see more and more people start their annual outdoor gardening. It is fun and rewarding to plant flowers for beauty and vegetable plants for tasty, fresh nutrition. Herbs for cooking and health benefits can also be planted and will provide medicinal benefits and flavor in the months ahead.

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