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First Time Acupuncture Patients FAQs

Peter Kadar

“When you share your experiences with acupuncture with family and friends you probably get asked a lot of questions. Here are some FAQs that will help support them into trying acupuncture and enjoying positive benefits. With summer ending and fall just around the corner, many of us look once again to organizing and optimizing our lives. This makes sense in Chinese medicine, as fall is associated with the metal element. The metal element is associated with organization and making choices based on value and purpose. This includes how to make changes to support our health and vitality.

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Battlefield Acupuncture for Everyone

Peter Kadar

The reduction of symptoms for these other disorders can be more gradual than for pain, the treatment is basically identical for all of them. Using very subtle electric stimulation to the ear points in addition to the needles often enhances and speeds up reduction of the psychological afflictions.

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Turmeric (Yu Jin): A Chinese herb for Pain Relief + Energy

Peter Kadar

Ahh! The great wonder of turmeric. I use turmeric in all my daily Indian dishes to add flavor and color. However there is more to this wonderful, powerful herbal spice. As a Chinese herb (yu jin) turmeric has a bitter taste and stimulates circulation by moving Qi and blood stasis.

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